Root Canals in Salisbury, MD

According to many dentists, even with proper brushing and flossing, some teeth may become susceptible to infection or disease. Dr. Dyer and Dr. Holmlund have the skill and expertise to use Root Canal therapy to help you avoid the loss of your natural teeth, which may prevent the need for dental prosthetic devices such as bridges or dentures. Some symptoms of having infected tooth pulp include extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods and severe throbbing tooth pain. If you are suffering from any kind of tooth discomfort, call right away to schedule an appointment for a consultation. 410-543-8111

What Is a Root Canal?

During a standard Root Canal procedure, it is our goal to remove the infected pulp that may be contributing to your tooth infection and pain. After a local anesthetic has been applied, an opening will be made into the canal of your tooth and the infected tissue will be removed. We will then clean the newly vacant space in your tooth and fill it with a safe material. The type of filling material that is used will depend on the extent of the tooth decay or infection and where in the tooth it is located.