Crown & Bridge Restorations in Salisbury, MD

Dr. Dyer and Dr. Holmlund have the skill and experience to improve the look of your smile by changing the appearance of broken, cracked, worn or decayed teeth or by filling any unwanted gaps in your mouth. We can provide expert Dental Crowns and Bridges to help you smile with confidence. It is our objective to provide you with tailored Dental Restorations such as Crowns or Bridges to restore your best smile easily with fewer visits, all in one office, thus saving you time and money! 410-543-8111


We are able to restore and rebuild your tooth with a customized tooth crown composed of gold or porcelain. A crown made of porcelain can be made to resemble the exact shade of your other teeth, which will help it blend in. A crown may be suggested due to:

  • Dental Implant
  • Root Canal
  • Discolored or deformed teeth
  • Weak or broken teeth

Our dentists strive to make your crown installation process as fast and easy as possible. Call today! 410-543-8111


We will work to use custom-made dental bridges to close any gaps in your teeth. Whether you have missing teeth or wide spaces that occur naturally between some of your teeth, it is our goal to find a dental bridge solution that will work for you.

Many dentists recommend bridges because they may be able to correct dental issues that can be caused by gaps in your teeth, such as the relocation of bite pressure due to inadequate chewing ability or the shifting of nearby teeth. Bridges can be made of a variety of materials including porcelain, gold or silver and can be attached to dental implants or to your existing teeth.