Our Reviews in Salisbury, MD

"I have been seeing Dr. Dyer since I was a child and could not be happier with him and his staff. He Is always considerate of a patients anxieties and feelings. He is precise yet gentle when he does procedures and when using a needle. I would not hesitate to send my closest friends and family to him as I have done many times before."

"Wonderful dentist and staff! There should be more dentists like him. The office is always willing to go out of their way for their patients. I couldn't be happier!"

"I went to see dr dyer today. he was the most wonderful generous man i have ever met. i left with tears of joy. there can never be enough thank yous for what he did for me today!!! (((hugs))) and thank you once again."

"I have been going to Dr. Dyer for 20 years. I have stayed because he is one of those rare doctors who cares about the patient and recommends what is best for their health and teeth, not what will make the most money. His office staff is friendly and caring and the prices are fair and reasonable. Highly Recommend!"

"No matter if I have had insurance or not, Dr. Dyer and his staff have done everything humanly possible to take care of my needs. They understand that there are a lot of demands on my budget and they work with me to see to it that I get what I need. His office staff is "grrreat""