Preventive Care in Salisbury, MD

Dr. Dyer and Dr. Holmlund offer a wide variety of Preventive Dentistry services to help you with your oral health. We strive to address all of your dental needs by providing you with tailored dental care plans that focus on tooth cleaning and maintenance as well as proactive screening for any dental problems. Schedule your Dental Hygiene appointment today! Call 410-543-8111

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry focuses on oral hygiene practices that include regular Dental Checkups with dentists in addition to daily oral care at home. We will skillfully provide you with professional dental services to keep your teeth and gums clean as well as help with early detection of dental issues. We will do everything we can to educate you about the daily, at-home dental practices you can do to maintain and enhance your beautiful smile!

Routine Dental Cleaning

We use modern dental technology during our dental cleaning services. It is our goal to improve your smile and your oral hygiene by removing the plaque that can accumulate on your teeth as well as the stubborn surface stains on your enamel. During your dental cleaning, we will closely examine your mouth to detect any signs of potential dental problems. We will strive to maximize your teeth and gum health. Schedule a cleaning today! 410-543-8111