Emergency Dental Care

Dr. Dyer & Dr. Holmlund practice Emergency Dentistry. If you have a dental emergency, call immediately for further instructions and an appointment. We provide a wide range of dental services without having to refer you to other specialties, thus saving you time and money.
Dental Emergencies include:

Tooth that is knocked out - try to place the tooth back into its socket and go to a dentist right away.
Tooth pain is a cause for immediate attention from a dentist. Even minor pain signifies the need for dental treatment.
Tooth infection, which may also produce pain, is a need for immediate attention.
Tooth abscesses require immediate preliminary treatment and then can be further addressed during regular office hours.
Swollen gums
Mouth cuts, injuries, or trauma
Broken Dentures - We offer Same Day Denture Repairs
Broken jaw
Lost crowns or fillings that require replacement
Tooth damage, such as a broken tooth, tooth crack, or tooth chip

If you have a Dental Emergency, please call 410-543-8111